Thursday, March 17, 2011

Want to play?! Live Chat TODAY!

I'm hosting my very first Online Passion Party and I want you there!  It's going to be a FUN filled time with chatting, playing and winning prizes!  That's right, prizes!  We're going to play games, have a raffle and other incentives.
Date: Thursday, March 17th

Time: 7pm Mountain Time (Colorado)


Here's how it works:
At 7pm Mountain Time there will be a chat room on my blog site. You'll have that open in one window and in another.  This way you will be able to browse as I chat about the products.  Have some paper and a pen handy for questions and notes about your favorite products!  There will be a quick Q&A after for anything still unanswered I will also have email open for any personal questions that you may not want posted in the chat room.
If you are not able to make it at the actual time of the party you can still take advantage of the online party specials.  Just email me all chat room specials are available tell midnight tonight.

We're going to play a few games for prizes and we have raffle tickets!  You'll get a ticket number assigned to you just for showing up!  The best part is that you'll get more if you ask product questions, bring guests, and answer my random questions.  At the end of the party I'll draw a number out of the pot for some great goodies!!

Remember to "bring" any and everyone you know!

This is going to be Soooooo much Fun, I can't wait!

Talk with you soon,


  1. Leanne and I have talked a lot about online parties, what a fabulous idea. It is such an excellent way to expand your audience for your business. Awesome idea :)

  2. Sounds fun! I'm gonna try to hop on if I can:)