Friday, March 4, 2011

Kissing can make you both wanting more

The forgotten foreplay. Kissing isn’t just a distant memory from your teenage years, it’s the bets way to share a moment any time of the day. In turn it can up your chances of having the time of you life under the sheets later. Think about it, how many times have you watched an amazing kissing scene in a movie and didn’t wish that was you?

     In Public (please keep it G rated) 

It doesn’t always feel right let people witnessing such an intimate moment. But on the flip side this little moment can bring a rush that comes from an unexpected kiss and you’ll feel that much closer. Believe me there will be somebody that wishes they were having that amazing movie kiss. Just be sure to clarify some boundaries.

   As often as you can

Time to evaluate how often you kiss, including a quick peck you might be surprised. If your like most couple that have been together for awhile the number my be bleak. If the number is anywhere under ten it’s time to make a change.
Start making a consciences effort to kiss any chance you get. When you walk past each other in the morning while getting ready for you day, then again when you done getting ready. Before you go your separate ways for the day, as soon as you get home, while sitting on the couch, while sitting at the dinner table the list is endless be creative. The reward will be amazing; you’ll notice that he will start doing the same without even knowing it.

     No Sex for a week (worth it in the end)

Now I’m not asking you to do this every week. Just this once to bring your relationship back to a simple place to discover each other again, after all we are ever evolving. Kissing can be even more intimate than intercourse, promoting feelings of intimacy and security. After that week of make-out sessions (above the waste) the pay off will be HOT!!!! 

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