Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Feel as SEXY as he thinks you are!

We are our worst critic and that is a fact. Keeping that in mind STOP!!!! Please! Just relax slow down in your mind, I understand life can be and is crazy. But you deserve to be happy in life and in the bedroom. 

Wear lingerie under your clothing for the day. Make sure he catches a quick glimpse in the morning before he heads off.
Have him wear silk boxers.
Do your makeup and hair.
Work out get the blood pumping.
Accept compliments regarding your looks and abilities.
Learn a new fun way to pleasing your partner. Tip: Grab a feather and lightly glide it up his body from his toes to his noes.
Plan to be the dominant one.
Take a shower together when getting ready in the morning. BE GREEN
Confidence is the best aphrodisiac, so become knowledgeable about something your unsure of.
Don't sweet the small stuff. Everybody has flaws, and guess what, nobody cares about them as much as you do.
Dance seductively alone, and let your partner catch you.

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