Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Love Story

Since today is our 10 year wedding anniversary I thought it would be fun to share our love story. It's not fancy but it's our story.

For those of you that don't know us, both my husband and I grew up camping and offroading at a place called Glamis. It's a big stretch of sand dunes down at the bottom of California, and there Thanksgiving week of 1997 is where our story begins. I had gone out there a week early with some friends and camped in a spot my family didn't like (just to many people). I would just meet up with them when they came out the day after Thanksgiving.
It had ended up being a not so fabulous week, definitely a little more boring then expected. My only high light was watching my dream truck at the time (dark blue Chevy Silverado) drive back and forth. So by the time Wednesday came along I was ready for my family to get there. Until....... that evening...... I was in the motor home making dinner when I noticed a bunch of people partying it up in the motor home next to us. As I said before there were allot of people were we were so when I mean next to us I mean our windows where about a foot or two apart, so I couldn't help but see everything. As the evening went on so did there drinking and confidence hahahahha. Next thing I knew one of them was knocking on our door. When I opened it all I could see was goggles and the sound of slurred words, but I did understand enough to get that I was being invited over. Why not, things weren't exactly epic at my camp. As soon as we made it over to there camp things got better. Everybody was super nice and took me in as there own, but I think the stuff that this story is all about happened in the first 5 min I was there. The moment I walked into the motor home we connected. We probably all spent about 4 hours or so just talking and hanging out until we decided it was time to head on over to The Hill (this is where everybody heads in Glamis at night). As we walked out of the motor home we decided I would ride with Mike in his truck (sure) little did I know that his truck was the one I said was my high light of the week! Now it would be what would change my life! After hangout at the Hill tell 1am or so, we came back to camp and I made my way back to where I was staying. A few more of our friends had shown up one of my best friends, other friends and an ex so needless to say things weren't very comfortable. So Thursday afternoon when Mike came over asking if I wanted to go on a ride I couldn't hope on my bike fast enough. We rode for about an hour or so tell sunset when we stopped for a break on top of a sand dune to watch. That is when we had our first kiss!!!!!! Next thing we knew it was dark and getting late so we headed back. Unfortunately when we got there we found out that half of his camp had left on a search thinking we had gotten hurt, since we were gone for so long. (Whoops they still wont let us live it down). After everybody settled down and headed to bed we sat by the fire talking more and really getting to know each other. Time just flew by that night, we didn't know that though tell we realised we were watching the sunrise together too. At this point we said our good bye's. I would be changing camps since my family would be out that day so he gave me his phone number and we made some plans for him to come pick us up and hang out the following night. After that night he was going to be heading home, but I still had another week out there with my family.
Once I got home I made the call to him. To my surprise he answered right away (funny! he had been on the other line telling his sister about me, she was saying I wasn't going to call and that he should have gotten my number). We talked and made plans to see each other that next weekend, since we lived about 100 miles apart.
The rest is HISTORY!!!!! We dated for a little over 3 years before getting married on 4/8/2001. We have two beautiful kids and love each other more then ever.

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