Friday, April 22, 2011

Organized life, more SEX?!

Keeping organized can reduce stress and improve your sex life

where to begin?
The other day I cam across two articles that really inspired me to really think about what I do to manage my time. If your time is managed well stress is less and sex is more BONUS! Here are the two articles I came across 10 things to do every day to stay organized & 10 things.

There were some great ideas but I wanted to see what my 10 things were, on that note I was sure it was time for a little revamping of my 10 things. ENJOY! Be inspired!

My 10 things to stay organized {and happy}

1. Morning me-time: This was my favorite on one of the the other blogs, and probably my one thing I do that I feel is most important. Getting up early having my cup of tea in the peace and quite watching the news or reading my favorite blogs, even getting a little work done on my own blog. With two kids this extra hour or so in the morning of quite time is always welcome, I find my self more alert and ready for them when they do get up. 
2. Never leave a room empty handed:  This is a great time saving tip and one I try to live by. I even attempt to get my kids in on this one when I can. 
3. Just do it: Saw this on one of the other blogs and it hit home. Procrastination can be a bitch! When I slack in this motto I can just feel the stress creep in, doing things last minute just causes stress it's like a snow ball effect. The blog that I got this one from had a great peace of advice that I must share. "The 2 minute rule": if something will take less than 2 minutes to do, you should do it RIGHT as the task pops up because it would take longer to organize it/queue it up to tackle later. Ever since I started applying this rule to my life things have really gone smoother. Everything from confirming a play date, clearing dirty dishes out of the sink, or sorting through the mail.

4. Planning out meals in advance: Having the weeks dinners planned out as well as all the grocery shopping done is a life saver.  Before if i didn't do this, we would end up eating mac n cheese, or take out every night. Now I have less stress and a healthy meal for my family every night (don't forget eating at home is also a great money saving tip).

5. It's okay it doesn't have to be spotless: This use to be a big stress for me and I would be lieing if it wasn't still at times, but I've worked hard to find a level of clean that keeps that stress at bay. There are just way better things in life that I can dwell on. I keep a clean house but if the dishes don't get cleaned up right away or some of the kids toys get left out for a few days I'm not going to loose sleep anymore. I would much rather have some quality time with my family, rather then watch them have fun time while I clean up after them. The dust on that top shelf can wait tell tomorrow (it's tickle time)!

6. If it hasn't been used in 6months throw it out, donate it, or sell it: We have moved quite a bit in the last few years so this is a rule that is tried and true in my house! Don't get me wrong there a few things that I wouldn't dream about getting rid of even though I couldn't even tell you which box it's in but there are things that can be parted with. Less Stuff  keeps things more manageable with little effort, and that's what I'm all about give us all more time to play.

7. All you need is 5 minutes: Why stress on being late when all you need to do is leave 5 minutes earlier. It took me a while to master this rule after having kids. It's amazing how many things can go wrong when you are trying to get out of the house at a certain time. What I found works is that if I would need to leave at 5 to be at a appointment on time I plan on leaving at 4:55 (just add 5 minutes on to all drive times) it's amazing the stress that takes away. Because if all falls apart while trying to get out the door as it usally does it's fine because I gave myself that extra time.

8. Laundry: The dreaded and always building tower of laundry! I found that it's not getting the laundry in the wash that I dred it's folding the laundry that is so time consuming and boring. So.... I have turned that time into my me time. I just shut the door to the laundry room and fold, the peace and quite is always welcome. Back when I didn't have a laundry room I would take it to my room and enjoy that same peace. Note: I try to find something that I know will entertain my son for those 15 minutes or so that it takes for me to fold the laundry.

9. Smile & check you attitude: Keeping a smile on your face is the best medicine there is! Of course, life can through you a curve ball and make you just want to scream. But next time you feel that urge stop and just smile (it works). Every time I do it I usually just start laughing even better. Just think about it; your just about ready to blow you lid and start screaming but you stop first and smile, when I do this I feel like in some corny over acted comedy and I just start laughing at my self. I can then breath take in that moment and and react much more calmly. After practicing this for awhile you'll start to notice that even the people around you seem happier and more friendly happiness is contagious.

10. Forgiveness: Last but most importantly not least, don't be so hard yourself. My favorite line from the moving Chicken Little "Tomorrow is another day". Things don't and probably wont always go as planned so beating yourself up because the laundry didn't get done does nothing but make you feel worse. Just pick back up where you left off the next day everything finds a way of working it's self out. Besides choosing to sit down and play a board game with your family in the evening just feels better then that laundry me time.

I hope this leaves you inspired to keep you life relaxed and organized!  


It's the little things that will keep that headboard a rock'n

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  1. Love these! I try to live and die by #3. Otherwise I spend more time worrying about getting the task done than actually getting it done. The last one is the one I struggle with though but like you said "tomorrow is another day" and as Anne of Green Gables says, "Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it...yet" :)