Monday, February 28, 2011

Keeping it HOT!!!

     The other day I got to thinking as the stress of life sank in. It is just amazing how strong love can be, so strong in fact that we forget about it and don't take care of it like we should. Keeping the sensual aspect of it alive. That lust that we had in the beginning. O! It's still there, it's just a little forgotten about and needs some help coming out. Especially after soccer practice, bills, dinner, you know what I mean.
     With the craziness that our lives have become we just can't always seem to find the time for each other. So having a special signal for a quickie can work wonders. An orgasm a day keeps the grumpys away. After all that running around I'm sure your not feel so fresh either but please don't use that as an excuse. There is a great product called Fresh and Frisky, all you need is a few spritz and it will deodorize and more importantly energize those nerve ending to rev up the passion!
     Once you've been married for a while it gets way to easy to take one for granted. So try to stop every once and a while and think of all the things you love about them, I'm talking the little things nothing big. Maybe how they sip there coffee in the morning, a cute nod, a song they sign in shower even though it really isn't very good. Take the time to notice, be positive about the little thing because some time it make the bad things look allot smaller. Besides positivity is contagious.
     Mix things up a little on date nights. Sure that Italian restaurant is your favorite and that's where you go of every special occasion, but that it leave it for those special occasions. Date night needs to be fresh and new, try out the buffalo wings at the local pub that you would never take the kids to. Splurge a little and head down town to that restaurant ever body has been talking about, or just be silly grab some fast food and head on up to the look out point that you heard about wink wink.
     Point being in all this, is just remember to have fun with each other. What is love if you can't enjoy it?

The product I mentioned in this blog is available on  Have a passionate day!

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